Times Have Changed

They were required to register their child and attend a mandatory after-registration meeting. They clearly remember hearing that enough children had registered to form a team and vaguely something about no one to coach them.  They recall looking around the silent room and feeling totally out-of-place because everyone was avoiding making eye-contact. The sport of soccer and everything about this experience was brand new to them.  All they wanted was for their child to play what they had been told is the world's most popular team sport.

When the eerie silence was broken by thunderous clapping and loud cheering aimed directly at them confusion took over.  They do not recall raising their hand or receiving a back-pack full of cones, bibs, a whistle and a soccer ball.  But, they found themselves leaving the meeting wearing a sleek polo-shirt  with the word 'coach' boldly stitched over their heart. 

In the past these individuals were on-their-own to learn about The Game, Player Development, Support Available, etc.  Times Have Changed!

Today, if you find yourself in this position be reassured the D-7 Recreation Program is here to help YOU.  We are prepared to provide local community coaching classes. Classes at which your question of the who, the what, the when, the where and the why of coaching developing players will be answered.   

Click Here for A Sample Session:

At first it may seem overwhelming when you realize that you could really use some help.  Be assured by our promise that, “Once you study, understand and apply our methods you will be overwhelmed by the players' and their parents' positive responses!” So, plan on attending one of our classes and be overwhelmed at how simple and enjoyable coaching youth players really is!

Very Important:

Your local administration will have information regarding scheduled courses.  

If you do not have local contact information then please contact me at:  


Koach Karl Dewazien, District 7 Recreation Administrator



I looked you straight in the eyes and told you that, “I Dare You To PLAY (Soccer) Each And Every Day!”  I specifically dared you to PLAY the 1 vs. 1 game every day!”  But, you can’t seem to find anyone to play 1vs.1 or a wall to pass against. 
No worries…

Keeping a ‘Record Chart’ of your “Slalom Runs’ will help you stay motivated and build your confidence in dribbling.. Your chart can/should include the Date, Distance of the Slalom; Number of runs through the slalom with right or left foot, number of fakes between slalom,  Etc.  Put your chart on the refrigerator or some other ‘special’ place in your house.  Then, post the scores of the ‘daily’ results. Finally, agree on a reward you will give to yourself whenever you set a new personal record. .  

In time your ‘Slalom-Run’ will help you instill the habit of ‘Push & Peek’ whenever you are dribbling the ball. That is. Pushing the ball slightly ahead to Peek and see what options are available to you! -  
I Dare You To ‘Slalom Run’ Every Day…So that the Push & Peek habit will be here to stay!

Koach Karl (Karl Dewazien),District 7 Recreation Administrator,Website:http/

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"Your Child's Playing Future Is At Stake" by Koach Karl Dewazien

Let's assume that anyone who is given the title 'soccer coach' by the local soccer association is qualified to work with children. But, is he/she good enough to work with your child?

You will not know that answer unless you have a one-on-one meeting with the prospective coach. I urge you to insist that the coach meet with you before the season begins.

Your child's coach, if you are not aware, is a very influential person in your child's playing future. The stimulation and support he/she provides can instill a desire to play soccer for years to come. Conversely your child's interest in playing may decline and playing for its own sake can be sacrificed. Therefore, it is extremely important that you find out, before the season begins, if the coach will be able to create a learning environment that is also FUN for your child.

Segments & Illustrations were taken from my book: FUNdamental SOCCER –GUIDE 

Koach Karl (Karl Dewazien), State Director of Coaching - California Youth Soccer Association (1978-2012), Author of the Internationally Published FUNdamental SOCCER Books Series, Producer of the highly acclaimed ‘9-Step Practice Routine’  DVD. He can be reached at:  or

Coaching Corner

Final Weeks of Summer Break                                


It’s August!  School and the fall soccer season are a few weeks away, so there is still plenty of time to relax and enjoy family/friends, take trips or enjoy barbeques and swimming.  As a soccer coach, this time may also continue to serve as a nice break from conducting practices and preparing for the Saturday games, even more so if you participated in the District 7 spring league season that ended in late-Spring.  Unless your family participates in competitive club soccer which takes you year-round, you really value this offseason.  There is definitely nothing wrong with that as the last thing a coach or player needs is a burnout.  With the new fall season approaching, you will have plenty of time to get yourself and your team dialed back in.  However, if you are planning to lead a team this fall and are contemplating ways you can stay fresh with the game, or you are just looking for different ways to approach it, then here are some ideas.

·         Hands on education (just don’t use your hands J).  Check with your respective league to see if there are any coaching clinics that you can register for.  There may even be opportunities out of town if you don’t mind the drive – you can even make a mini vacation out of it.  Furthermore, check with your league to learn about the changes that occurred on June 1, 2015 with regard to coaching licenses.  These changes may affect a lot of coaches at many levels.  It may be a good time to consider upgrading your coaching license, especially if you intend on coaching an older age level in the future.  Again, inquire within your league about any changes that may have taken place recently with coaching licenses and when classes are offered.

Editor’s Note: Send any questions on coaching clinics to:

  • ·         Online education.  This one will keep you out of the heat while feeding your mind.  Check out YouTube or Google to find videos and illustrations on soccer fundamentals and coaching techniques.  There is lots of great stuff out there that you can implement into your practices this fall.  I just want to emphasize “fundamentals” when you conduct your search.  You don’t want to deviate from teaching the fundamentals of soccer, rather it’s preferred you find different ways to “disguise” and enhance them so your practices do not appear redundant to your team.
  • ·         Attend random matches.  Chances are there is some great soccer going on at a nearby high school or sports complex on the weekends.  As competitive play goes year-round, you can seek out a local tournament and enjoy just being a spectator as opposed to working the sideline.  You may want to even consider attending a semi-pro or professional match and invite some of the players and families who may be assigned to your team this fall season.
  • ·         Turn on the television.  This summer, we were treated to the epic play of our US Women’s National Team as they inspired millions across the nation in winning the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.  Honestly, I’m still going back to those matches on my DVR and I get fired up every time I watch them, even though I know how the plays will turn out!  There was also the Men’s Gold Cup competition that followed with our US Men’s National Team competing in six matches, as well as great MLS competition that’s been featured this summer.  You can pretty much scroll through the sports stations anytime and usually find some sort of soccer to watch and learn from.
  • ·         Join a league.  In my opinion, there is nothing better for a coach than getting out there and doing it yourself.  Sometimes we forget how hard it is to actually do the things we ask of our young players.  Check with your local Parks and Recreation Department or ask fellow coaches if they know of an adult league you can join.  Whether it’s outdoor or indoor competition, you will have the opportunity to actually practice what you preach.  And how cool would it be to tell your players that “Coach” plays, also?  I guarantee they will look up to you even more, and in turn, you will appreciate their efforts even more as well.

MICHAEL CALVILLO, Fugman Soccer Club, Clovis Junior Soccer League. District 7 Recreation Coach of the Year (2015). State CYSA-North Recreation Coach of the Year (2015)

  • The course takes approxim

Referee Corner

Using Advantage to Your Advantage(continued)  By Pat Ferre 

The raising of both arms, straight forward in a sweeping motion, up to chest/shoulder level and calling out, “Play on!” while moving in the direction of play is the proper indication of an advantage.

It is important to only use that signal for indicating when advantage is being applied.  It is NOT appropriate for indicating “no foul” such as when the ball hits the hand and it is not a handling situation or when a player falls of his/her own accord.  Saying things like: “keep going!” or “continue” are good ways to let players know that you have seen it but NEVER say: “Play on!”

Positioning is critical in order to see the potential of how the play will develop following the foul and will help prevent retaliation behind your back, especially when the ball is passed to a teammate who will continue the attack.   These situations should be discussed in the pregame meeting with your partners but a word of reminder such as: “Watch behind me! to your assistant, loud enough to be heard by the players, may prevent retaliation.

Don’t be afraid to call an advantage back (within 2-3 seconds) when it ceases to be an advantage to the offended team and award the foul.  Ultimately, this is about justice and fairness.

If the original foul caused the advantage to not materialize, blow the whistle and award the foul. Should the player or his/her teammate just mess up and does not benefit from the given advantage, let play continue.   In any case, if a caution or send off is warranted, it must be administered at the next stoppage and BEFORE play is allowed to restart.

It is important to keep track of any player who committed a foul and put them on notice as play continues.  It lets them know that you will be back to issue a card at the next stoppage and if in the meantime they commit another caution-able offense, they will be sent off.

In the event a direct send-off is in order it is a good idea to not let the player know any more than a card will be issued.  A player who has been told that he/she will be sent off at the next stoppage may decide to become reckless and take out other players.

Law 5 empowers the referee to “take disciplinary action against players guilty of cautionable and sending-off offenses.  He is not obligated to take that action immediately but must do so when the ball next goes out of play.”  The referee must be prepared to quickly stop the restart and take care of any administrative duties once the ball is out of play.   You must remember that once you allow the restart, you no longer have the authority to caution the offender.

Advantage is a great tool and a great responsibility for the referee.  Using the advantage clause allows the referee to demonstrate his/her understanding of the game and his/her ability to balance control and flow for the enjoyment of fans and players alike.

Pat Ferre, USSF Referee Grade 15 Emeritus, USSF Referee Instructor, USSF Referee Assessor, USSF Referee Assignor, District-7 Youth Referee Administrator (DYRA)
Editor’s Note: 
Please send your comments on this & other referee matters to:




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JULY 10    E. FRESNO    2015  David Alvarez 268-2015   

Did You Know???


Coaches Should Be Life-Long Students

One attribute often said about top class youth coaches is that they are life-long students of the game. The youth coach who feels he or she knows it all is on the slippery slope to delusion. As Coach John Wooden once said, “It is what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

The youth coaches, who have the chance to develop players, win matches and perhaps also inspire a few future coaches, are people who strive for excellence. Success is the probable outcome while pursuing excellence.

A youth coach who wants to excel is one who continually wants to improve. These coaches self-reflect after matches, training sessions and team meetings. They ask themselves on what points did I do well and where can I improve. These are the youth coaches who attend coaching courses throughout their careers. They study on-line, read books and articles (such as this one) and they go to conventions, seminars, etc.

Earning a License or a Diploma is an important step for all youth coaches to take. But the competencies in between the formal coaching courses are equally important. Those competencies could be on-line clinics or they could be attending the education sessions at your state association’s events. 

Planned time for dialogue among youth coaches is another means of education outside of the coaching schools. The coaches in a club or a league could meet once a month to discuss and debate issues pertinent to youth soccer coaching.

With a few exceptions one of the must underutilized resources for continuing education is mentoring. Very few soccer organizations in North America have a real plan for mentoring their novice coaches. (* See Editor’s Note)

The bottom line for coaches is to constantly push themselves out of their comfort zones in order to improve their craft of coaching. In other words do what you ask your players to do, strive to better your best.

Sam Snow, Director of Coaching, USYouth Soccer

Editor’s Note: The D-7 Recreation Program has ‘A Real Plan’ for Mentoring Both Our Novice and Experienced Coaches … For details write to:   

Smiles - just for Laughs

The outcome of our children is infinitely more important than the outcome of any Game they will ever play!